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Talks 🗣

📹 JSNation 2019: Open Source: Charity or Business
📹 JSHeroes 2019: Maintainers Anonymous
📹 All Things Open 2018 Keynote: Maintainer's Virtue
📹 React Rally 2018: Through the (Open Source) Looking Glass
📹 Zeit Day SF 2018: In Pursuit of Open Source
📹 React Boston 2017: Maintainer, Heal Thyself
📹 React Rally 2017: So How Does Babel Even Work?
🗒 TC39 May 2017: Role of Babel in JS
📹 JSConf EU 2017: Maintaining an OSS Project (Babel)
🗒 BrooklynJS June 2016: How Writing a Babel Plugin Is like...

Podcasts 🎙️

Weird Trick Mafia: Open Independence
ShopTalk #344: Maintaining Babel with Henry Zhu
Podcast Your Data #73: Henry Zhu
My JavaScript Story #84: Henry Zhu
The Web Platform Podcast #172: Behind the Scenes of Babel 7
Egghead.io #20: Henry Zhu, Maintainer of Babel
JSJ #321: Babel and Open Source Software with Henry Zhu
PG Podcast #37: Henry Zhu on Humans of Open-Source Software
Software Engineering Daily 6/21/18: Babel with Henry Zhu
The React Podcast #4: Babel and Open Source Sustainability
RFC #18: Maintaining a Popular Project and Sponsored Time
The Web Platform Podcast #147: Next Generation JavaScript Today with Babel
Javascript Air #32: Publishing JavaScript Packages
Javascript Air #2: Babel, the JavaScript Compiler

Writing 🕵

Maintainer spotlight: Henry Zhu
Increment Magazine: (Open) source of anxiety
Motherboard: The Internet Was Built on the Free Labor of Open Source Developers
Faces of Open Source
Wired: "Netflix for Open Source" Wants Developers to Get Paid
Techcrunch: Open Source Sustainability
dev.to: I'm the maintainer of Babel, ask me anything!
Unixstickers: Interviewing Henry Zhu, Project Maintainer at Babel
Reactiflux: July 2017 Q/A
Github: Open Source Stories: Henry


TPP Statistics
TwitchPlaysX: Create Your Own TPP
Hopt: Hospital Design Optimization
Colorado Schools Visualization